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Business Networking Via Social Media

Social media websites have taken off significantly over the last few years. What started with a simple page on Myspace has become dozens of pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bebo, LinkedIn, Google + and many more. Many business owners have found using these sites to be in their interests, and that could be […]

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How Can I Get Sales From Social Media?

You’ve obviously gathered that Social Media is now the most effective marketing strategy you can use to build up a loyal following of likes, fans, and customers. There are many different marketing techniques that are effective in their own way, but social media is probably the most powerful. But just how do you use it […]

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The Downfall Of SEO And The Rise Of Social Media

If you’ve got a business, you may have noticed that SEO isn’t as important as it once was. This may come as a shock to some as many business owners often believe that SEO is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. Nowadays, the most effective and important aspect of a marketing campaign is […]

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Benefits Of Using Social Media For Your Business

If you thought Social Media was just something people used to spy on pictures of their ex boyfriend/girlfriend, or keep in touch with long lost friends and relatives, you’re about to see that you were mistaken. Social media is an extremely powerful tool, and it has a place within any kind of business marketing strategy. […]

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FREE 2 Week Twitter Management Trial For Your Business

Do you want to dominate your industry on Twitter? Now you have a chance to try our Twitter Management service for your business for FREE. You have something awesome to offer your customers whether it be Printing, Insurance, Serviced Offices, Book Keeping, Plumbing, Cleaning, Office Supplies, Fitness, Storage, Hardware, Telecoms, Garden Furniture etc. So why aren’t you […]

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We Don’t Do SEO….Or Do We?

We are often asked whether we ‘do’ SEO. The short answer is NO. However, this would be a pretty short blog post if that was it! There are a couple of interesting aspects to this question that I would like to discuss. Firstly, can you really ‘DO’ SEO? Is SEO something you ‘DO’? {All the […]

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