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Business Networking Via Social Media

Social media websites have taken off significantly over the last few years. What started with a simple page on Myspace has become dozens of pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bebo, LinkedIn, Google + and many more. Many business owners have found using these sites to be in their interests, and that could be […]

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Benefits Of Using Social Media For Your Business

If you thought Social Media was just something people used to spy on pictures of their ex boyfriend/girlfriend, or keep in touch with long lost friends and relatives, you’re about to see that you were mistaken. Social media is an extremely powerful tool, and it has a place within any kind of business marketing strategy. […]

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We Don’t Do SEO….Or Do We?

We are often asked whether we ‘do’ SEO. The short answer is NO. However, this would be a pretty short blog post if that was it! There are a couple of interesting aspects to this question that I would like to discuss. Firstly, can you really ‘DO’ SEO? Is SEO something you ‘DO’? {All the […]

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Top 3 Social Media Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Managing your Social Media activities for your business can be a cumbersome task. It takes up your time and energy, if your company lacks the manpower to handle all your Social Media accounts. Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn how can you effectively manage all these different networks and still get results? How can you manage to post everyday […]

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