5 ways to create interesting content on social media

We all suffer from writer’s block every now and then. So just how do you go about creating interesting content that people want to read and share? We’ve put together a few ideas to hopefully inspire and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Retweet and share content

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are all about engaging in a conversation. Even if you don’t offer your own opinions or comments, the very act of sharing means your followers will begin to see you as a good source of information in your own right.

If you share a post that’s relevant to your industry, even if that content belongs to somebody else, you’re sending out a clear signal that you are joining in. Who says it has to be original as long as you give due credit to the source?

Picture perfect

Images are more likely to attract attention than text-heavy posts. Share a meme or funny picture and it’s likely to make your customers smile.

While we’re on the subject of smiling, it is important to find a balance on social media. Don’t relate every post to your business. It will only disengage people. Instead aim to strike a happy medium between promotion and conversation, and let your followers see the human side of your brand.

Ask a question

People love to be asked for their opinions. Posing a question and replying to the response is a great way of engaging your followers and creating interest.

You don’t have to relate it to your industry either. We know we sound like a broken record but it’s important not to over-do promotional posts.

Try to tap into what people are talking about in the real world, in your office. It’s a good measure of discovering what is current and topical. Your question could be about something as simple as asking who watched the latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing or, if you have to stay on-message, requesting feedback on your latest products and services.

Link to your website

If you’ve taken the time to update your blog or news pages, then you should share your hard work. Including links is another idea to get followers clicking and sharing your content.

Even better, it is a way of showcasing your industry expertise and boosting your rankings in search engine results.

Solve problems

Whatever your industry, you will have specialist knowledge that other people will find interesting. You may take that expertise for granted, but in the spirit of sharing, it is a powerful tool to attract followers.

Think about writing a simple ‘How to’ guide on your blog and then link to it via social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant owner or you design jewellery, if you’re a painter and decorator or a social media guru. We bet you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve that would make brilliant content.

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