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Mint Social offer affordable social media services for small businesses in the UK. Our content and audience growth packages start at just £59.70 per month and despite the low cost, our RESULTS are impressive.


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Only £1.99 p/day (£59.70 p/month)


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Silver Package

Only £3.99 p/day (£119.70 p/month)


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Gold Package

Only £5.99 p/day (£179.70 p/month)


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Social Media Services you can TRUST delivered by an Experienced UK agency.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose MINT Social


1. AFFORDABILITY: Our Social Media Management Packages start from ONLY £59.70/month (less than £2 per day). We can manage Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for you for less than £4 per day.

2. SAVE TIME: Social Media Management takes TIMETime means money, so invest a small amount of money with Mint Social and save a LARGE amount of time.

3. GROW TARGETED AUDIENCES: Without audiences, who is listening to you? We see so many Social Media Management services which are ‘all post and no growth’. We HELP YOU GROW TARGETED AUDIENCES, which become assets for your business.

4. TOTAL FLEXIBILITY: We do not tie clients into 6 or 12 month contracts like many other agencies. We can tell you right from the start that all our contracts are FLEXIBLE and SIMPLE with only 30-days notice required.

5. RESULTS: You want tangible RESULTS. We deliver tangible RESULTS. View our case studies and look at our own Social Media profiles for Social Proof.

We Keep Social Media Simple


We plan solid strategies that tailor engaging content to your audience’s interests. We craft content that gets people clicking and create a consistent message that shows you as the industry expert you are.


We understand the complex landscape of Social Media audiences; how they engage, what drives them to a website and how their view of a company can be shaped exclusively through Social Media updates.


No one knows your company better than you, that’s why we believe that engagement should be done by you. We give you ninja guidance & support on how to engage your targeted audience.

We Know How To Grow Large, Targeted + REAL Social Media Audiences Which Are An Asset To Your Business.

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Some businesses we have helped



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We Save You Time by Keeping Your Social Media Profiles Active With Engaging Content.

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Some client testimonials



Mint Social are great, we signed up with them for Twitter management and saw results within the first month 382 real followers and counting. We are very happy with the tweets and are looking forward to hitting a 1000 followers!.

Karen Tucker - Albany Cleaning Services Ltd



Mint Social helped us attract over 100 leads in just a few weeks through Facebook marketing. I can’t recommend MINT Social enough, if you’re looking to generate new business through Social Media, MINT Social are 100% the go to company.

Sam O'Sullivan - Managing Director, SOS Athletic Excellence



We’d like to extend our gratitude to Mint Social for their expert guidance with our Social Media marketing. We have significantly increased our Twitter following in a short time frame and we have no doubt that we’ll be working with them for years to come.

Matt J - MD, New City Sound

We Help Increase Your Knowledge and Skills of Social Media and How It Can Benefit Your Business, With Training Materials, Webinars and Online Support.

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Welcome To Mint Social

Affordable Social Media Management Services

Social Media is now regarded as being a fundamentally important marketing channel for almost every type of business in almost any business sector. Your potential customers expect to find active and engaging social media profiles and are more likely to buy your products or services if you offer social proof through large targeted audiences.

Looking at it the other way round, if potential customers see inactive (or 'sporadically inactive') social media profiles, or see that your business has little or no 'following' on social media, they are less likely to engage with you. This is a fact that has been supported by numerous research studies.

The fact of the matter is that as a small business, you know you need Social Media. You have the option to learn Social Media, purchase a variety of Social Media software / tools on monthly packages and spend time managing your Social Media profiles yourself. Or you have the choice to outsource your Social Media Management. When making the decision to outsource your Social Media Management, cost of course plays a big part.

You need to weigh up:

a) is Social Media is important to your business. A good way to do this is to look at your top performing competitors.

b) how much time will it take you to manage your own Social Media, and be honest with yourself as to whether you have the skills necessary to do so.

If you answer to (a) is yes it is important and your answer to (b) is that you will struggle to find the time and / or lack the necessary skills - then get in touch with us today, and lets start with a Free 2 Week Trial.

We are Social Media experts at heart and love helping our small business clients by posting a steady flow of engaging content and building valuable targeted audiences which become assets to your business.

You have something great to offer your customers, so why aren’t you seeing the Social Media growth you deserve? Well you’re not alone. All too often businesses can overlook the very essence of Social Media, making it one of the most frequently misunderstood mediums of all time.

We offer Social Media Management for Twitter, Google+, and Facebook; we help save you time by crafting and posting engaging content on a consistent basis at the most effective times of the day for your audience. We are also different to most other Social Media Management agencies, as we pro-actively help to grow your (targeted) audience. After-all, without followers, who is listening to what you have to say?

We take the time to understand your business, your target audience and what they care about; then we get to work making things happen right away. Even though Social Media is a long term practice, and you cannot (usually) become popular overnight, we are able to show tangible forward progression very quickly. This is why we offer a no obligation 2 week free trial, so that you can experience working with us before you commit to paying us! Now how many Social Media agencies offer that?

We build relationships that build businesses. So stop wasting time with poorly written Tweets & Posts, Auto DM’s, Fake Followers and Fake Likes that don’t work. Let us help you connect with your audience through affordable Social Media management and dominate your industry on Social Media.

What Are You Waiting For? You've Got This Far, So Lets Get Started!

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